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General Information

Thermal Energy Program Contact Information

To contact your Energy Efficiency Utility (EEU):

To learn more about income-eligible programs, please contact:

  • VT Economic Services Division (Department of Children and Families)
    ESD Benefit Programs (Crisis Fuel, Energy Assistance, Fuel Assistance)

    Main Office: (800) 479-6151
  • VT Office Of Economic Opportunity (OEO)
    Main Office: (802) 241-0935
    • Weatherization Assistance Program
      The Weatherization Program helps lower-income residents to save fuel and money by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.  
      VT OEO Main Office: (802) 241-0935
    • Crisis Fuel
      To see if Crisis Fuel Assistance is available to help with a heating crisis during the winter months, you may call: 800-479-6151 (After-Hours, On Weekends, and On Holidays)

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To learn more about incentives that may affect your taxes (including tax credits and tax rebates), contact your accountant or tax professional and refer to your local, state and federal tax guidelines.

General Tip:  

Regardless of your income, you may also want to contact your electric utility, natural gas utility, or delivered fuel provider to ask about available programs in which you may be able to participate as a customer. Your electric, gas or fuel bill should list contact information for the company’s customer service department and may also include information about special promotions or programs that may be running.